mountaineers sailing seattle

Blue Fin racing off Shilshole Marina

The Mountaineers Sailing program has been getting Mountaineers Members sailing for over 30 years by matching Mountaineer members with sailboats with Mountaineer Sailing Crew in the Seattle and Puget Sound area.

Mountaineer members on the Crew List can sign-up for sailing trips.  To qualify as a Crew Member a Mountaineer can either successfully take the crew class (usually taught in the spring) or if a member has boating experience and boating safety education they can challenge into the Crew List.

The sailboats in the Mountaineer Sailing program are not owned by the Mountaineers but are all privately owned by the skippers.  The boats range in length from 26 feet to 44 feet.

There is no charge for the trips but crew members may be ask to bring food to share with the others on the crew and the skipper.  Sometimes there are fuel or moorage costs that may also be shared depending on the destination.

For additional information contact Alan Vogt, Sailing Chairman.