Mountaineer Sailors Meet the Mountaineers

Mountaineers Sailing class crew aidsMike and Alan set up some of the class aids for the Meet the Mountaineers Open House   at the Mountaineers Club House the evening of May 22, 2012.  The Meet the Mountaineers is an event to give people a chance to meet and explore the many different activities available to members.

Sailing at the Mountaineers is one of the best kept secrets in the Mountaineers.  Many people stopped at the display and we have several new people that are interested in the next crew class.  There were also several people that had sailing experience but were not aware the Mountaineers had a Sailing group in Seattle.  Several people signed up for more information on joining the Sailing group through the equivalency route.

The equivalency route requires a prospective new crew member to fill out a sailing and boating resume and check list.  If the perspective new crew has enough documented experience the can then pay a $ 35.00 equivalency fee and they are added to the crew list without needing to wait for the next class in the spring.

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